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Reloaded released a game where you.. Well, race trucks! Enjoy the game!
They are large, they are fast and they are the most dangerous vehicles to race! Take control of 8 very different types of trucks, and find out which one is the best! Full of action and danger, this is high octane power racing!

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Drive on 48 tracks in vehicles that can be completely destroyed.
Customize every aspect of your truck, from engine to paint.
Rise to all the challenges in Championship mode and upgrade your truck.
Take on your friends online or in split screen.

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Untuk Mengganti Bahasanya :
  1. Buka C:\Program Files (x86)\Truck Racer
  2. Buka "steam_api"
  3. Replace the last line  Language = english 
Language = french or Language = italian or Language = german or Language = spanish

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